What do we do at QDC?

QDC handles everything, from feasibility, design and fabrication, to project management and construction. Our integrated way of working means we can tailor everything we do to minimise project costs and timeframes for clients. The earlier we’re involved, the more value we can add in terms of quality and cost-savings.


Proven design and construct capabilities

Our portfolio of projects and clients is as diverse as our multidisciplinary team and in-house expertise. We design and construct:

Is your project too big for q?

While we specialise in $1M-$50M projects, we also specialise in innovating smarter designs and streamlining construction, so even if you’re expecting your project to come in over this, talk to us.



Adding value, from concept to completion

Our concept-to-completion capabilities mean we can add value at every stage. The more of the process you hand over to us, the more seamlessly your project progresses, and the more time and money you save.

Gas-tight roofing and wall systems

With our custom profile anywhere up to 30m in length, our on-site steel and aluminum roll-forming capabilities mean fewer lap joints, less corrosion and structurally stronger sheets, plus more bulk-buying savings for clients.

In-house 3D and 4D modelling expertise

With our Building Information Modelling (BIM) expertise, we can bring big-project technology – and efficiencies– to any project. Here’s how we use BIM to deliver real-world time and cost savings.


QDC has the best design, BIM, procurement, project management and construction team in the country. Put it all together and you have an end-to-end solution that’s as seamless as it is cost effective.