QDC is all about streamlining the design and construction of buildings to minimise costs and timeframes for clients, but never at the expense of quality or safety. We never cut corners or shirk our responsibilities to our people, our clients, our community or the environment.

Our commitment to health and safety

Occupational health and safety is more than an obligation at QDC. It is an overriding priority.

It’s a commitment that goes beyond complying with all industry OSH legislation. That’s why, in addition to an established OSH management system that includes a Site Health & Safety Policy and Site Fitness for Work Policy, we nurture a culture where OSH best practice is second nature.

From actively identifying potential risks, through to effective reporting, everyone at QDC takes responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and visitors. We believe all incidents and accidents are preventable, and that our goal of ‘zero injuries’ is a realistic one.

Our care for the environment

It’s in the QDC DNA to find smarter, more efficient and robust construction solutions, so you could say sustainability is simply a by-product of our innovative way of working with our clients.

But our commitment to the environment goes further than that.

We actively seek, embrace and develop innovative new approaches, materials and techniques that minimise the impact that our projects – and our buildings – have on the environment. Moreover, we always design with energy efficiency in mind, and use 3D and 4D BIM to minimise or even eliminate material waste.


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