Meet the people behind Q’s solutions.

We’re a unique, multidisciplinary bunch at Q – innovative yet practical, focused but flexible, working seamlessly with each other to save clients time and money.




Since embarking on his engineering and construction career over 20 years ago, Damon has gained a wealth of construction management experience across Australia and internationally, overseeing a diverse range of projects spanning infrastructure, marine, industrial and commercial building. Today, as one of our founding partners and Q’s Managing Director, he brings his considerable practical know-how, technical expertise, commercial acumen and managerial talents to bear at the strategic helm of our growing company. He’s a leading figure within our multidisciplinary team, defining the direction of our business and driving innovation across the board.




Ensuring we fulfil our strategic business objectives and commitments to our clients, Pascal is a lynchpin at Q, making sure we comply with our benchmark safety, environment and quality standards. After beginning his career in South Africa over 20 years ago, where he developed an impressive portfolio of design technology and construction management experience, he brought his considerable skills to Perth, tackling a number of project and operations management roles. This breadth of knowledge is reflected in the range of projects he has driven to fruition, including remote-area infrastructure, large-scale warehousing, office building works and major housing projects.


B.E.(Hons), M.Eng.Sc, FIEAust, CPEng

A Structural engineer since 1973, James boasts a wealth of local and international experience. Having been the structural engineer for John Hollands D&C teams through to he CEO of +$1B company, Jim is now one of our founding Directors, where he plays a pivotal strategic role at the helm of our group. In addition to his formidable portfolio of work & business roles, Jim has a proven track record in project management allowing him to take on Project Director roles to lead a diverse range of major industrial, marine and commercial projects. Jim uses his extensive and practical knowledge, coupled with great understanding Cost & Safety, to solve complex problems with innovation, he really comes into his own in pre-cast, marine, temporary works solutions and construction methodologies.


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