You see a challenge, we see only innovative solutions.

Some companies use the word ‘innovative’ when they really shouldn’t. At QDC, it isn’t a marketing platitude. It’s how we think about building design and construction as a process of continuous improvement – it defines the way we solve problems and work with each other, and clients.


That’s our motto – it’s the QDC way of doing things, from concept to completion:

We connect with our clients – good old-fashioned, face-to-face service where we resolve all issues in partnership with clients.

We innovate a solution to the challenge, using the latest techniques or pioneering new ones.

We engineer the solution using our multidisciplinary design and construction expertise.

Then we deliver – integrated solutions that are quicker, smarter, more streamlined and cost effective.

Higher standards, lower overheads

QDC has been built the same way we design and construct our buildings. Our company and processes are built for purpose, with low overheads, a flat organisational structure and the highest standards.

It’s a strategy that enables Australia’s most experienced design, detailing, project management and construction team to control every step, from concept to completion, more efficiently.

The result is a one-stop shop that’s nimble enough to develop integrated solutions that streamline every aspect of every project we take on, minimising timeframes and costs by:


  • Optimising all stages of the process
  • Eliminating over-design and over-engineered solutions
  • Economising the operational functions of the facility
  • Continually improving our services and streamlining our supply chain
  • Sourcing the best materials and solutions worldwide
  • Reducing maintenance and service costs for the end user


While we cut timeframes and costs, we never cut corners. Learn about our commitment to safety, quality and the environment, or contact us to find out how we can improve your next projects.