The secret to QDC’s building success

One of the advantages QDC has over many of our competitors is our ability to integrate Building Information Modelling (BIM) into every project we tackle.

Utilising BIM as part of the construction process is an absolute must, as BIM provides us, the builder, with vital construction predictions and feedback at all stages of the project.

The advantages of BIM include:

  • It provides an easy to use visualisation tool prior to the construction of the building
  • Every component of the building is created in 3D prior to construction, every bolt, washer, length of reinforcement right through to major structural members, piping and more.
  • The model is easily viewed in 3D for on-site supervisors and sub-contractors, meaning everyone involved has a clear concise visual tool to use on the fly
  • The 3D modelling provides the “instruction booklet”, to ensure the building’s bolts, holes and steel and concrete fit together like a Meccano set

As a result, there are numerous benefits that result from BIM:

  1. An accurate and smoother procurement process for ordering of materials
  2. A huge reduction in cost site problems, resulting in quicker building programs
  3. Eliminates clashes between mechanical, civil, structural and electrical disciplines as all design streams are collaborated in the one model.
  4. And brings great efficiencies to the management of design disciplines all within one complete model
  5. Put simply, the combination of the above factors results in faster building times, reducing client costs along the way

Our recent bulk mineral sands project was a perfect example of how BIM helped smooth what could have been a major problem on-site.

The project experienced a major concrete batching issue across 5,000m2 of high strength concrete resulting in four weeks of lost time.

However, due to good planning utilising BIM coordination, we experienced no site issues, as we enabled a productive accelerated program. Even with the four week delay, the project was ultimately delivered ahead of schedule, on budget and most importantly, with no cost or time variations to the client

A combination of great structural and civil designs, innovative building products and techniques, all coupled together with our BIM integration, meant that we were able to deliver the bulk Mineral Sands project on time and on budget, despite a major setback in the construction phase.

If you’re interested in BIM, don’t hesitate to contact us.