Austal Ships Sheet Pile Wall Replacement

Client Austal Ships Build Time 7 Months Location Henderson, WA Contract Type Design and Construct

QDC successfully designed and installed a Sheet Pile Wharf Replacement project at Henderson, WA, for Austal Ships. This project involved 2 stages, Stage 1 – the construction of two new sections of sheet pile wall and Stage 2 – the replacement of wharf furniture, excavation of behind wharf of 90m² and supply and place of stabilised fill in excavated area. During this challenging project QDC installed new sheet piling in open water and in front of existing sheet piling, extensive engineering was required to tie the two walls together.

The works required dual crane lift to install panels under existing jetty and divers were utilised divers to assist in locating the panels underwater. QDC also used underwater drones survey existing seabed and assess placement of new piles.